Worm Farm Construction and Building a Worm Farm

One the great things about building a worm farm are that you can start on any level that makes you comfortable. You can start out with a couple of Styrofoam boxes, a couple Rubbermaid tubs or you can go all out and start on a commercial level. I will try to cover several different methods of worm farm construction. From constructing the most simple indoor worm farm that you can keep in your apartment to a backyard or garage worm farm on up to building a worm farm as a business.

Indoor Worm Farm Construction

To build a worm farm for keeping inside your house or apartment you could head down to the local home center and pick up one of those plastic containers that they sell for around ten or twelve bucks. They are usually somewhere around 15 inches wide, 24 inches long and about 14 inches deep, the exact measurements aren’t critical. However make sure you get one with a tight fitting lid which is constructing a worm farm for inside the home.

building a worm farmThe next step in your worm farm construction is to wash out the plastic container (after all worms are going to live in there)and punch some holes in the container to allow for fresh air to enter, but not too many or too big. Now it’s time to whip up your worm’s bedding material or composting medium. I like to use shredded newspaper, but not those color advertising pages, just the regular newspaper. I run the news paper through a shredder that I use for sensitive documents, but you can just tear them up into small pieces and strips. Then will dampen all the paper with tap water (not soaking wet and dripping). Then I will take an add a couple shovels of garden soil along with a dozen or so smashed egg shells, some organic table scraps like fruits and vegetables (but not citrus fruits or anything like oranges, lemons or grapefruit), some old bread or buns and mix it all together in your container and now you have built a worm farm.

The next step in making your worm farm is adding your worms and feeding them regularly.  Don’t go out to the flower bed, but you can go to the bait shop to get your worms as long as you get red worms. The best worms for indoor worm composting are red worms or commonly called “red wrigglers”. These red worms are known for eating as much as half their body weight in a day which makes them ideal for vermicomposting. This is also a gauge for how much you should feed your slimy friends. You don’t need to feed them every day and you should take in to consideration how make worms are in your worm farm.

Backyard, Garage or Larger Worm Farm Construction

worm farm constructionIf you are the do it yourself-er type you can start your worm farm construction with one or a series of beds or boxes shown in the drawing below. Building a worm farm for a hobby is great and if you want to save some money and worm farming profits until you decide if worm farming is for you can start by constructing one of these worm boxes shown below yourself with a  4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood, a couple 2” x 4”s and some screws and hinges. That is what you call worm farm construction from the beginning. If you would like a drawing and all the measurements to build this worm farm bed just send click the link here http://www.dnr.mo.gov/pubs/pub215.pdf and you will find the plans and instructions.

Commercial and Large Scale Worm Farm Construction

building a worm farm and constructionAre you considering a large scale or commercial worm farm? If you are then you better know what you are getting into because worm farm construction on a commercial scale requires a very big investment. Building a worm farm on a commercial level means you will to purchase land, buildings, property, and equipment and yes of course the tons of worms, bedding and the supplies you will need to operate a worm farm of that size.


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Remember what I said earlier, one of the great things about worm farming is that you can start small and build to whatever size you desire. You can start as a hobby and build your worm farm into a profitable business or you can maintain a level that is just enough for your needs whether it be for compost and castings or for raising bait worms.

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