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Why Worm Farming

Aren’t you going to ask,  why have a worm farm?

Worm Composting or Vermicomposting

That’s a pretty good question if you are not familiar with all the benefits that worm farming can provide. There may be a number of different reasons that you would want to start a worm farm. One of the most popular today is vermicomposting or worm composting. This can provide you with some of the best fertilizer available which is not only safe buy it’s natural and organic and to make it even better it doesn’t stink. It is really worm poop or also known as worm cast or worm castings.

Worm Farming

Raising Earthworms and Worm Farming

An additional benefit of vermicomposting is that you feed the worms in your worm farm with organic garbage. Yes, that’s right, all that stuff you pay to have hauled away each week can become the breakfast, lunch and dinner for your slimy friends. So not only can you reduce your garbage, but you will also create a much desired by-product that gardening aficionados will do anything to acquire.  Oops, I almost forgot about the Worm Tea which is great for concentrated fertilizer and also a natural remedy to heal and revitalize ailing and diseased plants.

Worm Farming for Bait Worms

Now let’s talk about another great reason for worm farming and that is bait for fisherman. The avid fisherman always needs bait worms. The best and most desired worm to use for bait is European Night Crawlers because you can use these under any water condition including salt water. Not only can you have a fresh supply of healthy bait worms by worm farming, but you can also start a small business supply bait to the many places that sell fishing bait today. Think about it for a minute you have seen bait being sold by not only the bait shop, but gas stations, convenience stores and sporting goods stores. You might be surprised by just how good the money can be by supplying bait worms for fisherman.

Worm farming can be done both indoors and out depending upon your needs and space restrictions. Raising worms can be done in all kinds of environments and areas. Your worms are more than happy to munch away on your coffee grounds, egg shells, tea bags, fruit peelings, hair clippings, stale biscuits and bread, saw dust, shredded sensitive documents, plate scrapings, soaked cardboard, vacuum cleaner dust and vegetable scraps. The only thing that is organic that you don’t want to feed to your worms is very acidic vegetables, pineapple and grass clippings because these could kill your worms.

Worm Farming as a Business

Farming WormsWorm farming can be great and it doesn’t matter why you choose to raise earthworms. People all over the word have successfully raised and bred earthworms and then turned it into a very lucrative business. We here at WormFarming.co will provide you with the information, instructions and tips on how to build a worm farm. The farming or worms can be started as a hobby for pennies and can become a multimillion dollar business if you so desire. Take a look at all the links, posts and pages for more information on raising earthworms, worm composting, worm farm construction, raising bait worms, the potential worm farming profits and worm farming supplies including worm composting bins that you can buy or we will show you how to make worm composting bins.

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